A Day With The Ducks

Today I woke up feeling a little bit tired, not like I needed more sleep but internally drained. Considering that it's been a busy week at work due to the holiday season and other factors, as well as Friday being the day for my final exam for school, feeling drained made sense. Regardless of the … Continue reading A Day With The Ducks

Back To The Beginning

Back to square one for me. Depressed after another relapse. Relapse¬†in all aspects of my current life situation. Had to ask myself some serious questions instead abt who I am. Do I really even know?¬† Do I keep just searching for who I am in the people around me and validation from external sources? Do … Continue reading Back To The Beginning

The Never Ending Search For Identity

Recently, I'm coming across people searching for who they are more often than I ever have in my life previously. Maybe I'm just noticing it more because I've been more dedicated than ever to try to figure out the same thing myself, maybe I recognize it for what it is when I see someone going … Continue reading The Never Ending Search For Identity