A Day With The Ducks

Today I woke up feeling a little bit tired, not like I needed more sleep but internally drained. Considering that it’s been a busy week at work due to the holiday season and other factors, as well as Friday being the day for my final exam for school, feeling drained made sense. Regardless of the depleted energy, I felt happy. It’s Saturday, the week and Friday was behind me now, my final is done and my semester is finished with a ending grade in the class being 81%. Since there’s nothing that needed my attention today and no tasks that I had to do, felt like the perfect day to go to the lake, enjoy some nature. So that’s what I did. Packed my backpack, stopped by a tea cafe, got a sandwich, some tea and desert and settled in at my usual spot at the lake.

As I sat down, I took in the environment around me, as I typically do. The smells of the trees, the water in the lake, the sun shining brithly in the sky and the ducks swimming in the lake. Relaxing.

I got out my notebook but nothing came to mind to write about so I just sat there watching the life around me. There were quite a few ducks at the lake today, as well as geese and another unappealing looking bird, not sure what it is. Some were in the water swimming around, some were on the grass walking around picking at grass and eating, some were simply sitting. Some were in pairs, others by themselves and some were in groups. They were all doing their own thing paying me no mind. So I just sat there. Relaxing. A few fights broke out between ducks but they ended very quickly and seemed insignificant to the overal natural flow. Harmony.

I took my book out of my backpack and started reading. After some time I felt hungry, so I got my sandwich out of my backpack to eat. Instantly queit a few ducks stopped doing what they were doing and gathered around me, squacking and staring right at me. Begging. I felt uncomfortable, as if I have disturbed the equilibrium peace of existance. Why? I was simply eating, the ducks were supposed to remain in their respective activities, why are they now concentrated all around me on, distubing what I’m doing. Instinctively I wanted to share my food with them, but that didn’t feel right. So I just fought through the uncomfortable feeling and ate my sandwich. Tension.

As I continued to ignore the begging ducks and eating, my focus shifted to the ducks swimming in the lake and those doing their own thing out of the water. The ducks in pairs for the most part remained in those pairs, the solo ducks were doing different things. At times they were sitting, walking around or swimming by themselves, other times some of them joined in the activities the ducks in groups were doing. When they joined to the ducks that were in pairs, they stuck around for a short period of time and then moved on solo. In a few instances, one of the paired ducks went of with the solo duck, it’s pair remained where it was by itself. I saw some of those paired ducks return to join their pair fairly quickly, others didn’t. Flow of life

I was almost done with my sandwich. I noticed that the uncomfortable feeling faded off at some point and some of the begging ducks have left and resumed their activities. One remained sitting by me. I smiled at it’s persistency, finished my sandwich and got up to toss the wrapper in the garbage. As I was returning to my seat, the duck was no longer there, went off into the water. I sat down, looked around, the leaves on the trees were moving with the wind, the sun changed it’s position in the sky, the ducks were all now doing whatever they were doing. I continued to read. Harmony

Some time later, as the sun began to set, and the air around me became colder, I realized it’s time to go home. Some of the ducks were coming out of the water, shaking thier feathers and settiling in on the grass. As I was packing my things in my backpack, more and more ducks came out of the water. A couple with a child were walking down the trail, happily enjoying their everning as well. I smiled to myself, getting ready to leave. As the couple with a child approached closer, the child ran off to the ducks in front of me, scaring them into the water. I heard his mom laugh and he went on scaring the rest of the ducks into the water until no more ducks remained on the grass. I felt discformt again, not at the child, but at the disturbance he unintentionally caused to the ducks that just settled in, made me feel bad for them. He ran back to join his parents, I heard the mom giving him praise and laughing with the dad at “how cute” he was. Internal discmfort started to turn into resentment. My things were all packed and I was ready to leave. As i walked to the parking lot, I saw some of the ducks down the way coming back out of the water and settling in the grass again. Felt the negatiity I was feeling starting to fade and the feeling of harmony taking it’s place. Balance

It was a good day with the ducks at the lake.

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