So I’m taking this survey for college for career center and I get to this question. 20170827_141007-1[53].jpg

My first reaction was getting a bit flustered. I didn’t expect this question to have this many choices. The choices written out in front of me made me start thinking, at some point when I was 12 I did want to be a boy, I enjoyed playing sports and other activities boys seemed to enjoy. It seemed easier to be a boy so I remember wishing that I was a boy. I could take this thought process further but I stopped myself. I don’t need to search for answers to questions that I already know the answers to just because there’s a word out there now as a label.

And then it hit me. For someone like me, who over a decade ago left to be on my own because I was tired of doing what I was told to do or have to be who I was told I need to be, I was questioning everything about myself, wanted to find who I truly am. In the process not realizing that I may be questioning things that I already know the answers to. Wasting time trying to figure out answers to questions that I don’t need to. In the end to realize that I’ve gotten too deep in the process of my search and it became my life circumstance when it wasn’t anything I needed. Sometimes getting out of a certain life circumstance is difficult, sometimes feels like it would be impossible but it’s needed. Just feels like I’ve been answering unnecessary questions for myself about myself and therefore been marching in one place my whole life instead of moving somewhere.

All the labels, definitions and choices, I can see how the idea of that carries good intentions. But are they really necessary? Don’t all the labels feel like someone needs to have a specific label, or a definition in order to feel comfortable and like they belong? What if for someone who is already lost or haven’t discovered themselves yet, they cause them to get farther from discovering themselves, lost in trying to answer unnecessary questions? Can they cause more harm to some people than good? Are all the choices having specific definitions and labels really necessary?

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